Alaçatı Kite Fest

You must have tried to fly a paper kite and watched it from your window with great excitement as it landed on the street when you were just a little child. Maybe you have raced your kites with your friends in the streets. A kite dangling from the lamp post must have been the first disappointment of many children. You might have shared your feelings with a friend for the first time as you consoled him over his kite stuck on the lamp post.

Some objects bear a meaning beyond their lexical meanings for us. Just like kites. You can describe a kite as freedom, a dream come true, the child within; the figuratively protective, spellbound and fun...

Now kites are flying in the skies of Alaçatı. You can picture this colorful festival as you enjoy watching the huge, colorful kites over the skies.

For further information:www.facebook.com/FlyMeKiteFest